Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2008

[1966] Ashes - Roses Gone

listen to the song:

Sweet female voice, great music! Sounds a bit like Mamas & Papas, with some groovy guitar playing by John Merill. They only released 1 album called "The Ashes" in 1966.

"This Los Angeles band's original drummer was, of course, Spencer Dryden, before he joined Jefferson Airplane. The remaining members, aside from Taylor, later teamed up with Bill Wolff, Lance Feat and Sandi Robinson to become The Peanut Butter Conspiracy." ~ Fuzz, Acid & Flowers by Vernon Joynson

ps: if you want to know a bit more about the ashes, visit this fan homepage;

Montag, 22. Dezember 2008

[1967] The Pretty Things - Defecting Grey

listen to the song:

this song was released 1967 on the a single with the B-side "Mr. Evasion". It's a mix of trancy sitar psychedelic, weird sgt. peppers psychedelic and heavy psychedelia Enjoy! greetings, amadeus :)

Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2008

[1994] Klaus der Geiger & Die Koelner Strassenmusiker - Flughafen Wahn

listen to the song:

well, Klaus der Geiger is just great! I saw him live once at the Burg Herzberg Festival. "Flughafen Wahn" is a fantastic piece of Acid Folk! just listen to it. Enjoy!

Die Wader Heide, ein Stück Natur, in ihrer Art einmalig nur
mit Wassertümpeln und Baumgiganten, fast schon ausgestorbenen Tieren und Pflanzen
Ein Lebenselexier, für Mensch und für Tier
und in ihrer Mitte ein Krebsgeschwühr

Der Flughafen Wahn, mit einem gigantischen Ausbauplan

Weils keiner weiß, machts auch keinen heiß
nämlich, das der Flughafen immerzu am wachsen ist
und, das er nicht nur die Wader Heide frisst, sonder auch DICH und MICH, ha!
Und wir merken es nicht

Pressekonferenz an der Landebahn
ein Luxusliner Bus kommt da an
mit Journalisten vollgepackt
da stehen sie und warten, was der Herr Oberförster sagt
der Herr Oberförster sagt: "Naja, blabla,
Flugsicherheit, alles klar, blabla, wunderbar."
Er will ja nur seinen Job nicht verlieren,
dann lieber weg mit Bäumen und Tieren
die Journalisten stehen rum und schreiben und frieren
und warten auf das Essen, denn das wir ihnen die Flughafengesellschaft bestimmt im Anschluss danach servieren, ha!
Doch da stehn wir und lassen nicht zu, das Pflanzen und Tiere an diesem Flughafen Wahn krepiern!

Und siehe da, da entpuppen sich zwei graue Herrn, ha
als zuständig für Flughafenausbau und Flughafenlärm
und diese Herrn grinsen ins Fernsehn entsinnt
und sprechen mit Hohn, "wir vertreten hier die Meinung von Jährlich Dreimillionen"
nämlich all den jenigen, die nach Mallorca chatten
all denen, die ohne Erdbeeren im Winter womöglich verfetten, ha
"jetzt geht ihr Protestler mal hübsch wieder nach haus,
wir bauen den Flughafen in jedem Fall aus.
Wir werden gewinnen, ihr werdet verlieren,
denn euch hilft niemand und uns hilft die Schmiere
Wir werden gewinnen, ihr werdet verlieren,
denn euch hilft niemand und uns hilft die Schmiere"

Wer wird gewinnen, ganz zuletzt,
wenn das Ozonloch wächst und wächst
wenn nur noch Werbung dich regiert
und du den Appetit verlierst,
auf wahre Lebensqualität,
dann ist es irgendwann mal zuspät,
für uns Menschen hier auf Erden,
für DICH und MICH
denn die Natur, die Natur,
die braucht uns Menschen nicht

Was muss denn noch passiern,
dass wir Das kapiern

Montag, 15. Dezember 2008

[1968] Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup - Jabberwocky

listen to the song:

Well, this song was released 1968 on a single, the other side is "Which Dreamed It", wich I will post too soon ;). Trippy psychedelic, Stg. Peppers sound with sitar. Enjoy! greetings, amadeus :)

Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2008

[1967] David Hemmings - Anathea

listen to the song:

this song was released 1967 on the album "Happens". It has something mystical, it's a mix of acid folk, psychedelic folk and cosmic. Sounds like a fairytale from far magic lands. Enjoy! greetings, amadeus :)

Die Grafik "" kann nicht angezeigt werden, weil sie Fehler enthält.

Donnerstag, 20. November 2008

[1967] Elmar Gantry's Velvet Opera - Salisbury Plain

listen to the song:

well, again, a song from 1967. Great psychedelic, a mix of hush and trance in the air. Sounds a bit like Stg. Peppers, a bit folkie, a bit blues, but in main wonderful psychedelic. Enjoy! greetings, amadeus :)

Single "Flames / Salisbury Plain"

Dienstag, 18. November 2008

[1967] Svensk - Dream Machine

listen to the song:

This song is released 1967. Beginning with organ, than guitar, drums and soft male psychedelic pop voice, a bit of hashbury sound. Enjoy! greetings, amadeus :)

Sonntag, 9. November 2008

[1973] Perry Leopold - Sunday Afternoon In The Garden Of Delights

listen to the song:

Soft Acid Folk with a mystic feeling floating into your mind. Enjoy a sunday afternoon in the Garden Of Delights. Well, the title is saing it already. Enjoy! greetings, amadeus :)

Donnerstag, 6. November 2008

[1969] Sunforest - Lady Next Door

listen to the song:

Well, a great song, released 1969 on the album "Sound Of Sunforest". just listen to the lyrics. Great female voices, mied with wonderful acid folk. Enjoy! greetings, amadeus :)

Samstag, 1. November 2008

[1967] The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Too Many Do

listen to the song:

"Too Many Do" is taken from the Butter's "The Great Conspiracy" album, actually their best one,
although the "Is Spreading" album makes a wonderful walldecore! I was really surprised, when I
heared The Peanut Butter Conspiracy the very first time, as they sound quite similiar to
Jefferson Airplane, who's pre-1969 sound I more then adore! You know what I mean, that choral
vocals, hash-drenched atmosphere, incense and ballons etc. ....

Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2008

[1968] The Next Exit - Break Away

listen to the song:

Jay Siegal of The Tokens produced the first and only LP this band every released. Their real name
were "The Fabulous Four", but the labels and manager changed their name several times, so they
ended up as "The Next Exit" for these two songs. On and you
can read a bit about the whole story of this great band.
With "Break Away" an overdubbed psych pop artifact awaits you. Somewhat of a moodmaker,
crawling out of the popular beat sound of 60's, like "Mr. Postman" or some hits by "The Lords"!

"In 1967 the group landed a great opportunity to travel New York to record "I'm the Only One" and 
"Break Away" as the Next Exit for Warner Bros, produced by the Tokens. "Break Away" was written 
by Stephen Friedland (aka Brute Force) and Paul Kahan, and is well-crafted psychedelic pop." ~

Here are comming some words from the guitarist of this band, about the song:

Bob Theen: This song was recorded in NY in 1967, produced by The Tokens. It was supposed to be 
the title song for a movie that was released that next year in 1968 called “Butterflies Are Free’ The 
movie did come out it ‘68 but for some reason unknown to us our recording was not chosen. The 
song "I'm The Only One" was in the movie but only one short verse was sung by one of the stars on 
an acoustic. Darn the luck!! The other side of this is "Breakaway".

Our version of the song was released in the spring of 1968 and got some air play here in K.C. MO. 
Don't know about anywhere else. But evidently it wasn't a smash hit.

I still have a letter from Hank and Jay asking us to return to NY for some more recordings but for 
some reason at the time the trip was too far. I still wonder to this day why we didn't go. I think it had 
something to do with our families, wives, babies and that sort of thing.

Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2008

[1970] Wizz Jones - America

listen to the song:

This is a rare track that only showed up once on the "Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers Vol. 7"
compilation. Not much is known about it at all, but the Sitar sound and the Loner Folk lyrics tell
their very own story.

At the Norwich Folk Festival

Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2008

[1968] Listening - Stoned Is

listen to the song:

The Listening were a Boston based band, that only released one album and two singles. Michael 
Tschudin, one of the members, also played in another Boston psych act, called "Cynara". They put
out an alternate version of this track on LP two years later, which sounds like a soft Deep Purple
variant had covered it... (on youtube). It's been some years, since I listened to the whole album, but I
remember, that it wasn't as good as I expected it to be after I was flashed immediately by "Stoned is",
which I heared on some obscure garage-psych compilation (was it the "Marijuana Unknowns"?).
However, the vocals are in this certain higher tone hashbury style, which you can here on several
Jefferson Airplane songs as well. The hammond organ and the soft electric guitar play pay tribute to
the title. It's a relaxed but intoxicating experience!

Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2008

[1968] The Twilights - Devendra

listen to the song:

Music by Australian bands is not very common here in europe (leaving AC/DC aside). And even
more extraordinary is, that there were psychedelic rock bands existing in Australia's 60's. So here you
go with "The Twilights"! This song reminds a lot on Traffic's "Paper Sun". Lot's of sitar and semi-
choral vocals, but much softer and slower.

The frontcover of their album "Once Upon a Twilight"

Freitag, 10. Oktober 2008

[1971] John Renbourn - The Cuckoo

listen to the song:

This is one of the delightful british-folk songs, that are merged with psychedelic sitar play. The gentle
 vocals of John Renbourn add their cream to it! This reminds a bit on the "Basket Full of Light"
album by Pentangle, what's no wonder, since he was a member of the band.

Samstag, 4. Oktober 2008

[1970] Shelagh McDonald - Peacock Lady

listen to the song:

Wonderful baroque pop and british-folk mixture! Released  in october 1970 on her selftitled debut
album. You can read more about Shelagh in this Guardian article "Experience: I disappeared for 30 years".

Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2008

[1969] The Fruit Machine - I'm Alone Today

listen to the song:

...dreamy psychedelic rock, soft male chorus, great guitar playing. Quotes from Vernon Joynson's
book "The Tapestry Of Delights", which feature further informations about The Fruit Machine can be
found in the comments. So I'm not repeating all that here too. But one aspect might be of high interest
 for alot of you anyway; two of the band's members later continued to play in the famous Progressive
Rock band "Rare Bird". Sadly The Fruit Machine itself never had some kind of real success.

Samstag, 27. September 2008

[1967] Mom's Boys - Up and Down

listen to the song:

Wild and fuzzy psychedelic rock with hammond organ. Starting slow, takes some adventure thrugh
Rock'n'Roll terrain and finally leaves of to an explosive fuzz. Little is known about the "Mom's
Boys". They are featured on several compilations, such as "Turds On A Bum Ride" or "Pebbles", but
only three of their songs are seemingly in circulation. I assume, the "Mom's Boys" were some kind of
studio group, or were performing under a pseudonym for some reasons, just like it was the case with
Max Frost & The Troopers.

I'm sittin' here all alone
got back from my trip at home
that I feel so good inside
with a feelin' that I can't hide
my days are counted
and my life seems far away
my rainbows are exploded
and my dreams have started to fade
my mind has started to bend
I feelin' close to my end
but I feel so good inside
with a feelin' that I can't hide

YEAH Alright

hold ooooooooooooon

YEAH Alright

I said I'm up and I'm down
and I can't keep my feed on the ground
go around, oh, and around

ohhhau Freakout ...

Donnerstag, 25. September 2008

[1967] The Sandals - House Of Painted Glass

listen to the song:

This is the B-side of "Cloudy." This song was described as a "novelty" for this band, although it
stands up incredibly well on it's own merit. Great harmonies, arabic melodies, sitar, lots of humor and
a portion of psych pop of the day. The Band was formed in 1964. They were from Riverside,
California. They released some LP's and 45's and are most notable for their soundtrack contribution
to the Surf cult classic movie "Endless Summer". So it's even more surprising to hear this psychedelic
tune by a band that is foremost known for their Surf Rock.

Sonntag, 14. September 2008

[1970] Meic Stevens - Yarric

listen to the song:

Raga-blues? Sitar drechned psych folk? Well, this song is prtobably something inbetween. Released
in 1970 on the album "Outlander", this is the most outstanding track on the whole album, although it's
been a while since I last heared it. Sitar, guitar, flute and cosmic feelings are mixed to a mindblwoing
potion... I'd even go so far to consider this as a pure masterpiece! Enjoy!

Freitag, 12. September 2008

[1969] It's A Beautiful Day - Love For You (Bulgaria)

listen to the song:

Released in 1969 on the legendary selftitled album "It's A Beautiful Day". But before the then two
year old band already released the single "Bulgaria / Aquarian Dream" in 1968. Sweet San Francisco
Psychedelic Rock, the singing á la Jefferson Airplane... and a violin taking a leading role. Pretty
uncommon in those days, but well fitting.

And many thanks for some great info's by "Anonymous" about this song:
The single "Bulgaria" was mis-titled by their manager Matthew Katz. The song (which also 
appeared on the Pipe Dream comp) is called "Love For You" (which is obvious when you listen to 
it!). The flipside, although good, is nothing to do with the IABD band at all, and was more Matthew 
Katz "magaing".

[1970] Agincourt - Though I May Be Dreaming

listen to the song:

Gentle vocals, soft acoustic guitar and flute. It's all about beautiful, dreamy psych folk. My friend
Klemen from the It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine, did an interview with bandleader Peter Howell.
Check it out as well:

[1966] Jefferson Airplane - And I Like It

listen to the song:

This early Jefferson Airplane tune was so much ahead it's time already. Other Bands needed quite
longer to create a similiar sound - and some then only imitated the Jefferson Airplane style. But that's
in fact really nice, because if you're a JA fan as I am, then you surely agree, that there can't be enough
sound like the one JA created in their early years! Relaxed guitar play, soft male hashbury voice.
Furthermore, this is one here is an alternative take from 1966. The lyrics are pretty groovy as well:

This is my life
I'm satisfied
So watch it
Don't try to keep me tied
So why not
Let me be satisfied
This is my life
This is my Way
This is my time
This is my dream
You know i like it
This is my Way
It suits me fine
So watch it doing
Or i leave you behind
So why not
Fit your life in with mine
This is my way
This is my time
This is my dream
This is my life
You know i like it
I like it
Now tell me what you see
Is it the same thing you want me to be
I've seen it all happen so long before
Please believe when i say it's a bore
I need more
I need more
I need more more
This is my time
I'm doing my best
So watch it
Ain't gonna be like the rest, no
So why not
Get away from the mass
This is my time
This is my Dream
This is my way
This is my life
You know i like it
I like it
You know it's mine

[1971] Witthueser & Westrupp - Orienta

listen to the song:

Withüser & Westrupp were a German acid folk and kraut duo, singing songs
with dreamy psychedelic lyrics. This song is about, well, find it out yourself:

Auf der Suche nach einem neuen Wech
klopfen wir an die Himmelstüre
ein Mann names Petrus öffnet ganz sacht
und er fragt: "Seid ihr es, die da kommen sollen,
uns den Shit zu bringen?"

Wir streichen aus, alle die wir kennen, uns eingeschlossen
und wir treten ein, in den Ewigen Frühling
wir sehen die himmlischen Heerscharen
mit den ewigen Joints auf ihren Wolken sitzen
und ihr Gesang steicht unaufhaltsam in den Händen der Sonne

Die sieben Erzengel bringen unsere ewigen Joints
und gemeinsam schweben wir zu den immer-grünen Liebewiesen
und wir stimmen ein in den Lobgesang der Engel auf Lordid Drack(?)

I will try to translate:
On the search of a new way
we are knoking on heavens door
a man named Petrus opened very gently
and he asked: "Are you the guys, that should come,
and bring us the shit?"

we scratch out, all we knew, even us
and we enter, into the eternal spring
we see the heavenly host
with their eternal joints, sitting on their clouds
and their singing rised inexorable in the hands of the sun

the seven archangel bringin' us our eternal joints
and together we floating to the indeciduous love-meadow
and we join in into the canticle of the angles on Lordid Drack(?)

...great guitar play, a lot of small instruments, stoned, in a trance - a whole chor. Enjoy!

Donnerstag, 11. September 2008

[1969] Cosmic Michael - Cosmic Michael Theme

listen to the song:

Cosmic Michael is just great! He's like a fictional psychedelic super-star. Groovy voice, psychedelic
dance feeling... soft male voice, rythmful drum and soft guitar in background and finaly some
hammond organ. Enjoy! (PS: meanwhile the the selftitle album by Cosmic Michael was reissued on
Gear Fab / Guerssen "Who was the mysterious Cosmic Michael? Nobody knows for sure...rumour 
goes that he was a freak from New York who later relocated to the West Coast after living the 
Woodstock dream. That’s all we know about him.")

[1969] Rochelle Rosenthal & The Kickball Queen - Lottery

listen to the song:

The B-side of this single, "You Don't know" is credited to Darryl Bowden and the Kickball Queen.
The band was from Detroit Michigan. This one is probably released about 69/70. Psycho speaking at
the beginning, heavy psychedelia with powerful female voice. Enjoy!

[1967] The Chocolate Watchband - No Way Out

listen to the song:

The Chocolate Watchband released this song on 45 with a B-Side called "Are You Gonna Be There?
(At the Love In)". Early Psychedelic Rock with typical guitar playing á la Jefferson Airplane, ending
with great overdubbed effects. Enjoy!

Dienstag, 9. September 2008

[1967] West Coast Natural Gas - A Favor

listen to the song:

This is the B-Side of "Go Run and Play", Produced by Matthew Katz and Charlie Burkes. The song
is written by Steven Mack. Apparently this San Francisco band was an early incarnation of "Indian 
Puddin' and Pipe" also produced by Matthew Katz. Fine Psychedelic Rock with some deep feelings,
a mix of dark clouds hanging above big-and-fat-buildings-of-a-dirty-city and sunshine shining into a
smokey room with coloured walls etc. in the afternoon... Find more informations about the West
Coast Natural Gas here. (PS: meanwhile, in 2012, a LP with rare and unreleased material was
released on RD Redcords. Actually that's the first LP in the band's discoraphy).

Samstag, 6. September 2008

[1968] This Is Magic Mixture - Urge To Leave

listen to the song:

This song is a superb example for what I use to call "hashbury psychedelia". Slow voice, expressed in
a trancelike state, incense and pot dazed-haze. Hammond organ and slow, chilled out guitar and
drumms. Like a more lightful version of The Doors.

Mittwoch, 3. September 2008

[1966] Blues Magoos - Gotta Get Away

listen to the song:

This one is taken from the Blues Magoos' 1966 album "Psychedelic Lollipop"- a infantile funny name
by the way. Although the album title sounds like a LSD-drechned bubbglegum or popsike LP, the
Blues Magoos went into a clear garage-rock direction, quite similiar to the early Rolling Stones
sound. Their defiant vocals add a perfect proto-punk note to the relationship-issue-lyrics.

Sonntag, 31. August 2008

[1967] Baker Knight & The Nightmares - Hallucinations

listen to the song:

Overdubbed Psychedelic Pop, takes you into a river of colours and fantastic feelings, ...
Baker Knight, who sadly died in 2005, was an american songwriter, who also wrote songs for big acts
like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and a lot of others. 10 years earlier, in 1957, his sound
was a bit different, deeply rooted in the blossoming rockabilly scene (Bring My Cadillac Back).

Donnerstag, 21. August 2008

[1971] Broeselmachine - Schmetterling

listen to the song:

Well, Peter Bursch's Bröselmaschine; I think, a lot of you may know the band, and maybe you know
this song too. It's one of the great Krautrock songs, that is full of droning trance sounds, trippy and
spacy. A bit like Witthueser und Westrupp concerning the lyrics. Great Sitar sound, although I've
heared from professional sitar-players, that the instruments is played pretty infantile and naive,
however, accompanied by tabla and flute this song is just aweseome. Also the virtuosely accoustic
guitar played by Peter Bursch compenses the sitar play again. Enjoy this mind blowing song!

Ich, Huang Ju, träumte einst, ich sei ein Schmetterling, ein hin und her flatternder Schmetterling, 
ohne Sorge und Wunsch, eines Menschenwesens unbewusst. Plötzlich erwachte ich, und da lag ich, 
wieder ich selbst und weiß ich nicht war ich da ein Mensch, der träumte er sei ein Schmetterling, 
oder ein Schmetterling, der träumt er sei ein Mensch. Zwischen Mensch und Schmetterling ist eine 
Schranke, der Übergang ist Wanchel genannt.

[1967] Country Joe & the Fish - Section 43

listen to the song:

Well, I don't think, that I have to introduce Country Joe &The Fish to anyone out there. This
song is a wunderful hypnotic CJ&TF track, released on the 1967 LP "Electric Music For The
Mind & Body" It's a complete instrumental affair, with soft, but decent drums in background,
and an electric guitar that let you fly into a epic spheres of mystery... This tune is definitely one of the
higher dosed contemporaries.

[1968] Gandalf - Hang on to a Dream

listen to the song:

Soft male overdubbed/echoed vocals, soft rythmful guitar, great Psychedelia!
Slipp into a trippy world of flowers and many beautiful colours. Enjoy this 1968 jewel!

Mittwoch, 20. August 2008

[1967] The Misty Wizards - It's Love

listen to the song:

The Misty Wizards released only one single in july 1967 (It's Love / Blue Law Sunday).
Later 2 members of the Misty Wizard formed together with other musicians a new band called "The 
Spike Drivers". Here you can find a bit more about the band's bio. In this song, Psychedelic Pop
meets tingled sitar play and rhythmnful guitar play. Enjoy!

The Spike Drivers

The single "It's Love / Blue Law Sunday"

[1969] Tomorrow Come Someday - Someone Like You

listen to the song:

Wow! Many thanks to bilbo1742 for this great entry into one of his wunderful lists on rym. Soft
female voice, sounds a bit like Vashti Bunyan. In this track I can enjoy the feeling I sometimes get by
listening to "Going Up The Country", the kind of singing and the playful flute, ... A warm summers
day, and everything is simply fine... The album, where this song is taken from was released in 1969
and was previously to it's reissue totally unknown to me and alot of you too, I think...

The self titled LP "Tomorrow Come Someday "

Donnerstag, 14. August 2008

[1971] Rainbow Band - Now is the Time

listen to the song:

Great US Acid Folk performed by The Rainbow Band. Although this is not the same as the Rainbow
Band (a.k.a. Midnight Sun) from Denmar, it's quite a mystery to me, why this LP didn't make it more
to the top than it actually did. This is the typical kind of "late-60s-krishna-sai-baba-cult-hippy-
commune-pot-smoking-meditating" album, like Sadhu Brand, Kali Bahlu, The Comfortable Chair etc.
... Groovy mind blown voices, singing about cosmic matters, let them take you away on a journey...

Mittwoch, 13. August 2008

[1967] Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)

listen to the song:

A classic of it's own! There is probably no one out there, who doesn't know the Electric Prunes and
their best known hit "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)". In 1967 they made it pretty big with
this garage-fuzz tune. Soft elements clash with heavy sounds, having a dance together with that acid
guitar soundby their side.

Montag, 11. August 2008

[1967] Kaleidoscope - Keep Your Mind Open

listen to the song:

"Side Trips" is the name of the album where this track is taken from. A super psychedelic affair with
nice country flair. Abit like the effort the Byrds brought into the scene. Psychedelic Folk-Rock at it's
best. This song is filled with magic stars crossing your mind... soft voices, hypnotic instruments...
lean back and enjoy!

Freitag, 8. August 2008

[1967] The Unfolding - Prana

listen to the song:

This is an extrem example of Kali Bahlu alike psychedelia. It takes your mind and put it into a garden
of joys, where sitar sounds fill the air, surround your mind and changes into sparkling colours..