Freitag, 10. Oktober 2008

[1971] John Renbourn - The Cuckoo

listen to the song:

This is one of the delightful british-folk songs, that are merged with psychedelic sitar play. The gentle
 vocals of John Renbourn add their cream to it! This reminds a bit on the "Basket Full of Light"
album by Pentangle, what's no wonder, since he was a member of the band.


Walking Man Blues hat gesagt…

hello, do you have mp3 for this album..? thanks, adam

Govindas Dream hat gesagt…

no, but I'm looking for that album, so if I found it, I will post it ;):)

greetings, amadeus :)

kcjones hat gesagt…

sounds good ,was sort of reminding me of jethro tull