Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2008

[1971] Joe Peace - High Time We Made Love

listen to the song:

Great soft psychedelia with smooth guitar play and gentle vocals.
This song is from the the 1971 Album "Finding Peace Of Mind", here comes the cover:

[1969] Pentangle - Light Flight

listen to the song:

A wonderful british folk tune with gentle female vocals, that add that special something to this tune. Also the bassline is very noteable!


Let's get away, you say, find a better place,
Miles and miles away from the city's race,
Look around for someone lying in the sunshine
Marking time, hear the sighs, close your eyes...

Ba - da - pa do da da - ba - pa do da da...

Stepping from cloud to cloud passing years of light
Visit the frosty stars in the backward flight
Star becomes a vision, never mind the meaning,
Hidden there, moving fast, it won't last...

Ba - da - pa do da da - ba - pa do da da...

Time passes all too soon, how it rushes by,
Now a thousand moons are about to die
No time to reflect on what the time was spent on,
Nothing left, far away, dreamers fade

Ba - da - pa do da da - ba - pa do da da...
Strange visions pass me by, winging sweetly close inside [*]
O-ver the wa-ter, ah....

Swirling, the waters rise up above my head.
Gone are the curling mists how they all have fled.
Look, the door is open, step into the space
Provided there

Da do da, da, do da...
Ba - da - pa do da da - ba - pa do da da...

Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2008

[1968] The Purple Gang - Granny Takes A Trip

listen to the song:

This track is from the Purple Gang's first album.
The title is selfexplaining. So watch granny ride the silver bike,
like captain high did... ;-) Enjoy!