Samstag, 27. September 2008

[1967] Mom's Boys - Up and Down

listen to the song:

Wild and fuzzy psychedelic rock with hammond organ. Starting slow, takes some adventure thrugh
Rock'n'Roll terrain and finally leaves of to an explosive fuzz. Little is known about the "Mom's
Boys". They are featured on several compilations, such as "Turds On A Bum Ride" or "Pebbles", but
only three of their songs are seemingly in circulation. I assume, the "Mom's Boys" were some kind of
studio group, or were performing under a pseudonym for some reasons, just like it was the case with
Max Frost & The Troopers.

I'm sittin' here all alone
got back from my trip at home
that I feel so good inside
with a feelin' that I can't hide
my days are counted
and my life seems far away
my rainbows are exploded
and my dreams have started to fade
my mind has started to bend
I feelin' close to my end
but I feel so good inside
with a feelin' that I can't hide

YEAH Alright

hold ooooooooooooon

YEAH Alright

I said I'm up and I'm down
and I can't keep my feed on the ground
go around, oh, and around

ohhhau Freakout ...

Donnerstag, 25. September 2008

[1967] The Sandals - House Of Painted Glass

listen to the song:

This is the B-side of "Cloudy." This song was described as a "novelty" for this band, although it
stands up incredibly well on it's own merit. Great harmonies, arabic melodies, sitar, lots of humor and
a portion of psych pop of the day. The Band was formed in 1964. They were from Riverside,
California. They released some LP's and 45's and are most notable for their soundtrack contribution
to the Surf cult classic movie "Endless Summer". So it's even more surprising to hear this psychedelic
tune by a band that is foremost known for their Surf Rock.

Sonntag, 14. September 2008

[1970] Meic Stevens - Yarric

listen to the song:

Raga-blues? Sitar drechned psych folk? Well, this song is prtobably something inbetween. Released
in 1970 on the album "Outlander", this is the most outstanding track on the whole album, although it's
been a while since I last heared it. Sitar, guitar, flute and cosmic feelings are mixed to a mindblwoing
potion... I'd even go so far to consider this as a pure masterpiece! Enjoy!

Freitag, 12. September 2008

[1969] It's A Beautiful Day - Love For You (Bulgaria)

listen to the song:

Released in 1969 on the legendary selftitled album "It's A Beautiful Day". But before the then two
year old band already released the single "Bulgaria / Aquarian Dream" in 1968. Sweet San Francisco
Psychedelic Rock, the singing á la Jefferson Airplane... and a violin taking a leading role. Pretty
uncommon in those days, but well fitting.

And many thanks for some great info's by "Anonymous" about this song:
The single "Bulgaria" was mis-titled by their manager Matthew Katz. The song (which also 
appeared on the Pipe Dream comp) is called "Love For You" (which is obvious when you listen to 
it!). The flipside, although good, is nothing to do with the IABD band at all, and was more Matthew 
Katz "magaing".

[1970] Agincourt - Though I May Be Dreaming

listen to the song:

Gentle vocals, soft acoustic guitar and flute. It's all about beautiful, dreamy psych folk. My friend
Klemen from the It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine, did an interview with bandleader Peter Howell.
Check it out as well:

[1966] Jefferson Airplane - And I Like It

listen to the song:

This early Jefferson Airplane tune was so much ahead it's time already. Other Bands needed quite
longer to create a similiar sound - and some then only imitated the Jefferson Airplane style. But that's
in fact really nice, because if you're a JA fan as I am, then you surely agree, that there can't be enough
sound like the one JA created in their early years! Relaxed guitar play, soft male hashbury voice.
Furthermore, this is one here is an alternative take from 1966. The lyrics are pretty groovy as well:

This is my life
I'm satisfied
So watch it
Don't try to keep me tied
So why not
Let me be satisfied
This is my life
This is my Way
This is my time
This is my dream
You know i like it
This is my Way
It suits me fine
So watch it doing
Or i leave you behind
So why not
Fit your life in with mine
This is my way
This is my time
This is my dream
This is my life
You know i like it
I like it
Now tell me what you see
Is it the same thing you want me to be
I've seen it all happen so long before
Please believe when i say it's a bore
I need more
I need more
I need more more
This is my time
I'm doing my best
So watch it
Ain't gonna be like the rest, no
So why not
Get away from the mass
This is my time
This is my Dream
This is my way
This is my life
You know i like it
I like it
You know it's mine

[1971] Witthueser & Westrupp - Orienta

listen to the song:

Withüser & Westrupp were a German acid folk and kraut duo, singing songs
with dreamy psychedelic lyrics. This song is about, well, find it out yourself:

Auf der Suche nach einem neuen Wech
klopfen wir an die Himmelstüre
ein Mann names Petrus öffnet ganz sacht
und er fragt: "Seid ihr es, die da kommen sollen,
uns den Shit zu bringen?"

Wir streichen aus, alle die wir kennen, uns eingeschlossen
und wir treten ein, in den Ewigen Frühling
wir sehen die himmlischen Heerscharen
mit den ewigen Joints auf ihren Wolken sitzen
und ihr Gesang steicht unaufhaltsam in den Händen der Sonne

Die sieben Erzengel bringen unsere ewigen Joints
und gemeinsam schweben wir zu den immer-grünen Liebewiesen
und wir stimmen ein in den Lobgesang der Engel auf Lordid Drack(?)

I will try to translate:
On the search of a new way
we are knoking on heavens door
a man named Petrus opened very gently
and he asked: "Are you the guys, that should come,
and bring us the shit?"

we scratch out, all we knew, even us
and we enter, into the eternal spring
we see the heavenly host
with their eternal joints, sitting on their clouds
and their singing rised inexorable in the hands of the sun

the seven archangel bringin' us our eternal joints
and together we floating to the indeciduous love-meadow
and we join in into the canticle of the angles on Lordid Drack(?)

...great guitar play, a lot of small instruments, stoned, in a trance - a whole chor. Enjoy!

Donnerstag, 11. September 2008

[1969] Cosmic Michael - Cosmic Michael Theme

listen to the song:

Cosmic Michael is just great! He's like a fictional psychedelic super-star. Groovy voice, psychedelic
dance feeling... soft male voice, rythmful drum and soft guitar in background and finaly some
hammond organ. Enjoy! (PS: meanwhile the the selftitle album by Cosmic Michael was reissued on
Gear Fab / Guerssen "Who was the mysterious Cosmic Michael? Nobody knows for sure...rumour 
goes that he was a freak from New York who later relocated to the West Coast after living the 
Woodstock dream. That’s all we know about him.")

[1969] Rochelle Rosenthal & The Kickball Queen - Lottery

listen to the song:

The B-side of this single, "You Don't know" is credited to Darryl Bowden and the Kickball Queen.
The band was from Detroit Michigan. This one is probably released about 69/70. Psycho speaking at
the beginning, heavy psychedelia with powerful female voice. Enjoy!

[1967] The Chocolate Watchband - No Way Out

listen to the song:

The Chocolate Watchband released this song on 45 with a B-Side called "Are You Gonna Be There?
(At the Love In)". Early Psychedelic Rock with typical guitar playing á la Jefferson Airplane, ending
with great overdubbed effects. Enjoy!

Dienstag, 9. September 2008

[1967] West Coast Natural Gas - A Favor

listen to the song:

This is the B-Side of "Go Run and Play", Produced by Matthew Katz and Charlie Burkes. The song
is written by Steven Mack. Apparently this San Francisco band was an early incarnation of "Indian 
Puddin' and Pipe" also produced by Matthew Katz. Fine Psychedelic Rock with some deep feelings,
a mix of dark clouds hanging above big-and-fat-buildings-of-a-dirty-city and sunshine shining into a
smokey room with coloured walls etc. in the afternoon... Find more informations about the West
Coast Natural Gas here. (PS: meanwhile, in 2012, a LP with rare and unreleased material was
released on RD Redcords. Actually that's the first LP in the band's discoraphy).

Samstag, 6. September 2008

[1968] This Is Magic Mixture - Urge To Leave

listen to the song:

This song is a superb example for what I use to call "hashbury psychedelia". Slow voice, expressed in
a trancelike state, incense and pot dazed-haze. Hammond organ and slow, chilled out guitar and
drumms. Like a more lightful version of The Doors.

Mittwoch, 3. September 2008

[1966] Blues Magoos - Gotta Get Away

listen to the song:

This one is taken from the Blues Magoos' 1966 album "Psychedelic Lollipop"- a infantile funny name
by the way. Although the album title sounds like a LSD-drechned bubbglegum or popsike LP, the
Blues Magoos went into a clear garage-rock direction, quite similiar to the early Rolling Stones
sound. Their defiant vocals add a perfect proto-punk note to the relationship-issue-lyrics.