Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2009

[1967] Stoics - Enough Of What I Need

listen to the song:

The track is awaiting you in really nice quality, not like all the vinyl rips, that are circulating here araound, ... I mean, they are better than nothing, but with this title as example, you know, what I mean ;)... the guitar riffs are giving a lot of rythm, the voice, surrounds it and the backchor for the refrain still makes it more psychedelic: the floating feeling. Some of their tracks can be found on the Mindrocker, the Acid Visions and the Teenage Shutdown Vol. 10. On the bands lifetime, they only released on single "Enough of What I Need / Hate". William Ash (guitar) later went to The Argyles and The Children (1968, Rebirth), where members from the 13th Floor Elevators played after they disbanded in 1968. The Golden Dawn was also a band, where the Rubayyat sourced their members from.