Dienstag, 30. März 2010

[1967] The Painted Faces - Anxious Colour

listen to the song:

One of the classic psych singles to come out of Florida was 'Anxious Color' by The Painted Faces. They were short lived but left behind some fine singles. Their first 45 was released locally on Qualicon. This coupled the moody folk rock lament 'Things We See' with 'I Want You'... The former turning up again as the flip to the Manhattan release.

'Anxious Color' is where it's at though with raga sounding guitar leads giving the song a psychedelic sound. According to the liners of the Distortion compilation this 45 was a big hit in South West Florida, hitting number 1 on some stations. It even got extensive airplay on Los Angeles stations making the Top 10. This was probably due to their Mike Curb connections. (~ Flower Bomb Songs)

[1969] John & Philipa Cooper - Magical Fingers of Minerva

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John and Philipa Cooper came from Johannesburg in South Africa. But they were not alone, ... Julian Laxton (lead guitar), Art de Villiers (acoustic guitar), Bob Hill (bass), Werner Krupski (keyboards), Francesco (fiddle), Ivor Back (drums), Rory Blackwell (tambourine) helped them out, so they had a nice band together. to categorize their music, I would propose to call it droney acid folk. Someone is playing sitar and robust bass lines are holding the trancy vocals and the psychedelic organ.

[1969] Elephant's Memory - Old Man Willow

listen to the song:

An elephant's memory is legendarily large, and so was the size and scope of the New York band that went by the same name. Unlike some other horn-rock ensembles of the late-'60s that took advantage of the freedom to expand rock's size and sound, however, Elephants Memory weren't merely a rock band with jazz overtones. There was plenty of pile-driving rock'n'roll, and a good deal of jazz of both the free and big band varieties. But there was also soul, spaced-out psychedelia... (~Richie Unterberger)

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Freitag, 26. März 2010

[1968] Plastic Cloud - You don't Care

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The Plastic Cloud recorded their debut in 1967 and released it 1968. They sound like a garage version of Jefferson Airplane (before 1969). Enjoy the wild and psychedelic tune!

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Freitag, 19. März 2010

[1970] Acyutananda Swami - India: Songs of the Bengali Vaisnavas

vinyl-rip at 320 k/Bits. Propably recorded around 1970.
Following informations are taken from the LP.

Acyutananda Swami is an American sannyasi, who left his homeland at the age of 16 years and has been living in India since the last 10 years studying the spiritual culture and music of India. He is world renowned for his masterful singing of Bengali Vaisnava folk songs and playing on mrdanga (clay drum, unique to Bengal).
The recordings on this LP were taken in Mayapura, India, and we beg the listeners to excuse the obvious shortcomings due to circumstances beyond our control. This record has been produced especially with the idea of helping the needy people of Bengal by sending the profits above the cost of actual production to our international center in Mayapura, India (Bengal), where thousands of people are fed each day from contributions coming through the sales of this record. Give generously.

1. Gaya Gour 5:09
2. Radha Govinda 4:55
3. Jasomati Nandana 5:10
4. Kesava Kali Mala 5:21
5. Manasha Deha Geha 6:12
6. Nama Sankirtana 7:09
7. Gopinatha 7:55

play track 4 "Kesava Kali Mala":

Download the album: http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/S02GLFB8/ASWAMI.zip_links

Donnerstag, 11. März 2010

[1968] Blonde on Blonde - All Day, All Night

listen to the song:

Along withthe song "Country Life", this one was released by Blonde on Blonde on their 1968 single. Nice Ragas with Sitar and tabla, but it seems, like the band was gettin' bad, the older they grew. so let's enjoy this pre-debut album song.