Sonntag, 29. November 2009

[1966] Outcasts - Hard Lovin' Babe

listen to the song:

I know, it sucks, but the exact record date out there. the band never rleased it on 45, and also they propaply never did an album. 1966 is again just guessed. Ok, and now I will give you some lines I found on yoututbe about the girl, that is singing on this heavy-drum garage-psych track:
Linda Pierre King was a folk-rock singer from Houstan,Texas.Eight of her recordings are featured on The Heartbeats & Added Texas Girls of the 60s/We had the Beat compilation. She moved to New York and frequented the famous beatnik hangout, Beanie Baby's Java Hut. The "king of barbershop" Norm Wooster fell in love with her singing and caused a musical transformation within him. She was also a follower of the individualist philosopher Ayn Rand. The Outcasts, who backed her on this organ-driven track, are not the legendary 1523 Blair band.

Freitag, 27. November 2009

[1966] Things - In Your Soul

listen to the song:

Comming from El Paso, Texas, they only released one Single in 1966 "Take It From Me / My Love". This track is from the Acid Visions Vol. 1, so I think it was prev. unreleased. No info to find, so I just guess it was recorded 1966 or 1967. Nice Organ driven Garage Rock will expect you! Enjoy! Greetings, Amadeus :)

Montag, 23. November 2009

[196X] Pearl Divers - Riding On A Rainbow

listen to the song:

this song is taken from the acid visions compilations. sailing the web, I found no bottle within a message for me, telling me, when this song was recorded, or even, who the Pearl Divers are... how can that be? welcome to the big world of psych comps, ... :D... well, nice soft psychedelic with echoing voices and nice lyrics... It sounds like it was recorded between 1966 and 68. Enjoy! greetings,
amadeus :)

[1968] Orphan Egg - Falling

listen to the song:

In 1968, the Orphan Egg did a an selftitled album. this is the first track of it and maybe the highlight along the other 11 tracks. Fine psychedelic Rock with a bit echoing voices, some fuzz and a really psychedelic atmosphere. You can download the complete album on hippy-djkit's Blog. Enjoy, greetings, amadeus :)!

Samstag, 21. November 2009

[1970] Bob Smith - India Slumber

listen to the song:

here you've got the only really psychedelic song from his 1970 Album "The Visit from Bob Smith". The rest is Classic Rock / Westcoast Rock with some seldome fuzzin' guitars. All in all the album is highly overrated in my opinion. But anyway, this song is really nice, with flowting sound & sitar, enjoy! greetings, amadeus :)

Mittwoch, 11. November 2009

[1967] Bill Plummer & Cosmic Brotherhood - Journey to the East

listen to the song:

The cover doesn't look like what is inside! Flying trough the desert, a sitar on your fold, riding in coloured clouds of acid fog. One of the finest Psych Folk I ever heared! you can download the complete album on Dr. Schluss' Garage Of Psychedelic Obscurities. Enjoy! greetings, amadeus :)

Dienstag, 10. November 2009

[1967] Kim Fowley - Reincarnation

listen to the song:

well, the cover is an imagination of love, peace, incense and pot. The soft psychedelic sound of the album really fits in. this song is the best one from this (his first) LP and a bit different from the rest, lets say, more garage-psych like. the rest of the album has nice playing on the instrument but very poor vocal quality. also the mixing could had done better than it is. Maybe a remastered Re-Issue from the original reels could fix that so I would rate the album with 4/5, not with 3/5 stars.