Sonntag, 29. November 2009

[1966] Outcasts - Hard Lovin' Babe

listen to the song:

I know, it sucks, but the exact record date out there. the band never rleased it on 45, and also they propaply never did an album. 1966 is again just guessed. Ok, and now I will give you some lines I found on yoututbe about the girl, that is singing on this heavy-drum garage-psych track:
Linda Pierre King was a folk-rock singer from Houstan,Texas.Eight of her recordings are featured on The Heartbeats & Added Texas Girls of the 60s/We had the Beat compilation. She moved to New York and frequented the famous beatnik hangout, Beanie Baby's Java Hut. The "king of barbershop" Norm Wooster fell in love with her singing and caused a musical transformation within him. She was also a follower of the individualist philosopher Ayn Rand. The Outcasts, who backed her on this organ-driven track, are not the legendary 1523 Blair band.

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