Samstag, 27. September 2008

[1967] Mom's Boys - Up and Down

listen to the song:

Wild and fuzzy psychedelic rock with hammond organ. Starting slow, takes some adventure thrugh
Rock'n'Roll terrain and finally leaves of to an explosive fuzz. Little is known about the "Mom's
Boys". They are featured on several compilations, such as "Turds On A Bum Ride" or "Pebbles", but
only three of their songs are seemingly in circulation. I assume, the "Mom's Boys" were some kind of
studio group, or were performing under a pseudonym for some reasons, just like it was the case with
Max Frost & The Troopers.

I'm sittin' here all alone
got back from my trip at home
that I feel so good inside
with a feelin' that I can't hide
my days are counted
and my life seems far away
my rainbows are exploded
and my dreams have started to fade
my mind has started to bend
I feelin' close to my end
but I feel so good inside
with a feelin' that I can't hide

YEAH Alright

hold ooooooooooooon

YEAH Alright

I said I'm up and I'm down
and I can't keep my feed on the ground
go around, oh, and around

ohhhau Freakout ...

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kcjones hat gesagt…

like this one too,but i like most psychedelic music :)