Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2008

[1969] The Fruit Machine - I'm Alone Today

listen to the song:

...dreamy psychedelic rock, soft male chorus, great guitar playing. Quotes from Vernon Joynson's
book "The Tapestry Of Delights", which feature further informations about The Fruit Machine can be
found in the comments. So I'm not repeating all that here too. But one aspect might be of high interest
 for alot of you anyway; two of the band's members later continued to play in the famous Progressive
Rock band "Rare Bird". Sadly The Fruit Machine itself never had some kind of real success.


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Mark Morb hat gesagt…


Great you have any more info about this band? Member names, etc.

Mark Morb

Govindas Dream hat gesagt…

well, here is some info about the band taken from The Tapestry Of Delights by Vernon Joynson:

Personnel incl:
ANDY 'CED CURTIS gtr, vcls A
STEVE GOULD vcls, gtr A

1 Cuddly Toy/Follow Me (Spark SRL 1003) 1969
2 I'm Alone Today/Sunshine Of Your Love (Spark SRL 1027) 1970

NB: There was also a US-only 45: The Wall/Willow Tree (American Music Makers 0021) 1969.

An obscure band whose version of Cream's Sunshine Of Your Love is very competent. Follow Me and I'm Alone Today are also both strong songs with considerable commercial potential. In particular, I'm Alone Today featured some good guitar and piano interplay but the la la la's are a bit of a turnoff.

Their second UK 45 was recorded in London. Chris Randall recalls:- "The recording of I'm Alone Today and Sunshine Of Your Love was made in the small basement studio below "Southern Music" in Little Newport Street, Soho. The tape machine was an old valve (tube) Ampex half-inch 4-track with a homebrew mixer. The recording engineer was Paul Holland and the producer was Barry Kingston. Paul used to get very agitated if anyone stood in front of the huge Altec Lansing monitors in the control room as it spoiled the sound! We didn't do all that many live gigs but spent our time writing stuff, being silly and worrying our parents almost to death!"

Steve Gould and Andy Curtis later played in Rare Bird.

Compilation coverage has included:- Follow Me and I'm Alone Today on Circus Days, Vol. 2 (LP); Follow Me on Circus Days Vol. 1 & 2 (CD); I'm Alone Today on Circus Days Vol. 3 (CD); The Wall on Rubble Vol. 10 (CD), Rubble Vol. 18 (LP), The Best Of Rubble Collection, Vol. 3 (CD) and We Can Fly (CD); Willow Tree on Electric Sugar Cube Flashbacks, Vol. 4 (LP).

(Vernon Joynson/Barry Margolis/Max Waller w/thanks to Chris Randall)

kcjones hat gesagt…

i liked it ,but could have done without the la la las