Mittwoch, 20. August 2008

[1969] Tomorrow Come Someday - Someone Like You

listen to the song:

Wow! Many thanks to bilbo1742 for this great entry into one of his wunderful lists on rym. Soft
female voice, sounds a bit like Vashti Bunyan. In this track I can enjoy the feeling I sometimes get by
listening to "Going Up The Country", the kind of singing and the playful flute, ... A warm summers
day, and everything is simply fine... The album, where this song is taken from was released in 1969
and was previously to it's reissue totally unknown to me and alot of you too, I think...

The self titled LP "Tomorrow Come Someday "


Anonym hat gesagt…

Thanx man!
Great music...Alice...Agincourt...
Don't have this one.
Is it possible to upload it?

Govindas Dream hat gesagt…

well, I have no time at the moment, but you can download it here :):

Tomorrow Come Someday - 1969 - Tomorrow Come Someday

A1 Title Theme 2:42
A2 Someone Like You 3:53
A3 March of the Civil Servants 1:40
A4 Bluebottle Stripe 1:53
A5 Setting Sun 2:19
A6 On Location 2:30
B1 Everything Has Its Place 2:23
B2 Fishing 1:48
B3 Tomorrow Come Someday 2:34
B4 Love Theme 2:32
B5 Honesty 3:29
B6 Windfall Wood 2:31
greetings, amadeus :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Great! Thank you brother!
Now I got all of four Peter Howell's music incarnations. What a great music it is!
The 2nd of Perry Leopold is also beautiful, a masterpiece, if someone is interested.
Perry Leopold - Christian Lucifer

Govindas Dream hat gesagt…

thanks for the great music, I posted this on main page for you, so more people can see it :)
greetings, amadeus :)