Montag, 25. März 2013

Wild in the Streets (Movie, 1968)

I recently watched the '68 movie "Wild in the Streets". well, what can I say, I'm a bit disappointed. if you ask me it's a pretty stupid movie. the story is about a bunch of young and rich pseudo-hippies overtaking the government. but below the coat of peace-symbols, joints, colourful cloths and tripping teens, they are acting in an equal violent way than the older generation did and in the end nothing changes really much except for thousands of families are psychically disbanded, shocked, traumatized and through the forced consume of LSD in boot camps. but til the the end, no reflection happens in the storytelling of the movie. I assume it was rather meant to be entertaining and funny, but behind the dogmas of the colourful sixties it's not really amusing see all of this.however, the reason, why I watched this movie, was, that A.) it's from the 60's B.) it seemed psychedelic from what I heared about it and C.) the soundtrack is unbelievable good!! and that's still fact, despite the movie content. "Max Frost & The Troopers" where no real band, even if they released an album after success of the film and additionally to the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, wich feat. Les Baxters (as "The Senators"), Jerry Howard, The Second Time, The Gurus, and finally The 13th Power, wich - if I remember it right and the rumours are true - feat. Davie Allen & The Arrows.

Read a very informative review of the movie here:

below I posted a version of the radio hit "Shape of Things to Come". I hope it doesn't get blocked again too soon by youtube.


Emanuela Betti hat gesagt…

Good song, thanks for sharing!

miraclepieco hat gesagt…

My psychedelic brother, you have really nailed it on the last few songs from 1968! Rare, esoteric and some of my favorites: Shape Of Things To Come, Lantern Gospel, Your Head Is Reeling, Incense and Peppermints, and Summer. My compliments!