Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013

[2000] Hagalaz' Runedance - The Dawning

File Under: Pagan Folk / Medieval

As some of you might know, I'm also a huge fan of the pagan culture (of the peaceful and white-magic part, not of all those industrial/dark scene etc. stuff...) so just today I discovered a new band called "Hagalaz' Runedance"! Well, not directly psychedelic, I know, but maybe interesting for soem of you as well! Hagalaz means something like "volley" or "hail". It's strongly associated with destruction / the end of something. just like Shiva or Kali in the Hindu mythology. So it's meaning is not necessarily bad. it's like the winter, which is not only making things freeze, but also allows the plants and animals to take a rest and bundle their energy and regenerate for the upcomming year.
Their sound is in the vein of the older Faun albums, but more archaic. If you love that certain mix of medieval music and pagan folk, you will surely enjoy this band! yet I only zapped through one of their albums and listened to some songs on youtube, but as far as I can tell great sounds are waiting to be heared!

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