Freitag, 16. November 2012

Introduction... about the future of the Psychedelic Jukebox

Hi folks,
about 4 years ago, I started this blog with the intention to share psychedelic art with all of you, adding some thoughts here and there, recommend some stuff, ... Yet it have been only songs - (mostly) - that I posted. For the future I'm planning A.) to post more regularely, B.) also to post video's/trailers/etc., psychedelic visual arts/drawings/so called digital-art (photo-"manipultion" etc.), introducing artists and performers C.) I'm also planning to post news about my two projects; my record label for Psych Rock & Acid Folk, called "Merlins Nose Records" and my shop "Surreal Peppermint Store", which is dedicated to supply you with "Psychedelic Delights for Body and Mind"!
Since a lot of mp3's are down and I have to re-upload them again, I will try to post one new post per week and restore one of the old posts and adding them to the top.

I'm excited to get this blog more active and I'm also glad about every feedback I do get on topics or whatever...

Amadeus :-)

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