Sonntag, 25. November 2012

[1968] The World Column - Lantern Gospel

listen to the song:
Picture taken from the psychedelic underground 
movie "The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda"

This song is taken from Bill Synth's great "Acid & Flowers" compilation, that got released in the 90's by "Timothy's Brain". One of the best psych comps around by the way! But, what to say else about it? Huh... ! Well, the mood of this track is placed somewhere between the Ultimate Spinach and Jefferson Airplane - maybe you noticed, I have a predilection for that chorus like soft psych, as well as for organs, so "Lantern Gospel" is beaming me up once again!
Luckily someone band-familiar shared some words about the band on Crud Crud's blog. Since I'm not the one, being familiar with them, I prefer to qoute those lines here: "I must admit, I think the song is kinda cheesy. However, a studio band the World Column was not. They were orignally known as the Segrams (ave.. age was 15 y.o.) They were on the road giggin' almost nightly for years a range of 20,000 miles a year. During this time,they shared the stage with performers such as Jackson 5, Aerosmith, Dave Clark 5, Herman's Hermits, Sonny and Cher. When they recorded these 2 45's they were still teenagers. These guys studied music-one in Sweeden, one at the Chicago Conservatory of Music, and one at Indiana University. Studio heads lookin for a one hit wonder-no. Talented kids who rocked the stage-ask anyone from the midwest from this era. Most of these guys went on to raise families. I'd love to say as a teenager I had this type of experience and then 40 years later people are bloggin about my music. I just found that their song So Is the Sun is found on 6 different complilation CD's produced between 2000 and 2006. Rock on. Benoit and Meyer-rest in peace. Be proud Kaplan and Boller."


Anthony Brock hat gesagt…

Great stuff, never heard this before. So was their other single 'So Is The Sun'? Did they ever do an LP?

Thanks for posting this!

Govindas Dream hat gesagt…

well, they only released two singles, no LP:

1968 - Midnite Thoughts / Lantern Gospel
1969 - So Is The Sun / It's Not Right

amadeus :)