Dienstag, 20. März 2012

[1971] Deuter - Krishna Eating Fish And Chips

listen to the song:

Georg Deuter established himself in the early 70's and is known to most of you for his involvment in the Krautrock genré. His early recordings are mostly built up of Acid Folk elements, eastern influences and experimental music. Today he is living in the staates and earns his money with recording meditation CD's that are related to practice and points of view teached by Osho. sadly those are the albums I can't get into. they consist of this "all-is-peaceful-and-happy-if-you-clean-this-ashram-and-visit-your-familiar-esoteric-shop-regularely-to-buy-new-age-stuff"-vibe. that doesn't mean necessarily that I think he is not authentic, but there is too much commerce about angels, tarot, gurus, ... these days it's maybe harder than ever to deal with this contents as there are too much dodgers and moneymakers out there. another issue of this new age scene is, that it's hard to dive deeper into the material by consuming all those goods that are praised to give you the "ultimate-enlightment-trip" ...  you see, I'm very careful about stuff thats directly associated with this commerce. and it's probably the easiest to move out into the forest, climb a tree, prais mother earth, and be flashed by spirituality gleaming through the cosmos.
gladly this track is not as flat as the other ones he later did.... the album "D" where this song is taken from can be tagged as a real psychedelic record I think. a weird mix of Acid Folk, Psychedelic Rock and Experimental Jams will await you on it. so just forget about everything and let you take away by this swirl of mind expansion...

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