Samstag, 10. März 2012

[1970] The Sun Also Rises - Death

listen to the song:

The beginning of this terrific track could be like the soundtrack of a surreal and strange movie in the vein of Holy Mountain or El Topo. But for you all, who are familiar with psychedelic folk music, this will be tagged as freaky acid folk ;-). All in all you can compare this one to a mix of Hanna Tuuliki's Nalle and Susan Duncan-Smith's masterpiece for the soundtrack of Keoma. If you wondered, what this duo called "The Sun Also Rises" did on the rest of their debut, I think it's the best to quote my friend Mad Hatter's words: "The husband and wife duo from Cardiff have captured moods by patterns of sound and words. Totally influenced by the Incredible String Band, the album offers whimsical, acoustic acid folk, with weird, disjointed hippie lyrics about a fantasy world of mythological beings such as fairies, elves and dragons. It’s a charming period piece."

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