Samstag, 20. Juli 2013

know what I'm gonna do?!

well, I'm going to get all the Garage Greats singles and post what I think is worse to share here! the same guys that once did the Radioactive and Fallout boot labels, just reissued a ton of rare garage-psych single in limited runs some years ago. 2012 they did blow off and sell out their remaining 7" stock. you might say 'baaa, damn bootlegs and I do say that too sometimes if I invest a lot of time in a legit reissue and others come by and bootleg the album... however, the Garage Greats series brought a lot of unknown and really great (!) 60's gems to my (and others') attention. so that seems to be the second side of the coin.

some copies still left in my shop, so you might be interested in brwosing:

meanwhile enjoy a classic track from this series:

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