Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

[1967] Tomorrow - My White Bicycle

listen to the song:

I doubt if I should post this song on the jukebox, since it's more than worn out and everybody of you might have heared it about 100 times already on several comps... however, this is a classic psych pop tune you should not miss to listen to once again. highly driven in that UK "Pepperish" psychedelic vein with a lot of echoing effects swirling around your head, even if you have no headphones on.

Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

[2010] Aleppo Pine - Black Wizard

listen to the song:

Aleppo Pine is a contemporary band from Spain. Their creations consist of a strong singer & songwriter vein, with a hint of Grateful Dead-like ease and strong leanings to psych folk bands and artists like Mark Fry, Amber, Maureeny Wishfull and others... "Black Wizard" reminds me on this gentle hippie-like sounds we are used to know from Yellow Autumn or the Tree People. Imagine longhaired, dovelike fellows and woman in couloured cloths, exotic visions and a peaceful rainbowfamily of the living light spirit. It's no wonder that the album where this track comes from is called "Holy Picnic". I highly recommend this band to anyone crossing the jukebox! you can listen to the whole album and/or pruchase it here: