Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

[2010] Aleppo Pine - Black Wizard

listen to the song:

Aleppo Pine is a contemporary band from Spain. Their creations consist of a strong singer & songwriter vein, with a hint of Grateful Dead-like ease and strong leanings to psych folk bands and artists like Mark Fry, Amber, Maureeny Wishfull and others... "Black Wizard" reminds me on this gentle hippie-like sounds we are used to know from Yellow Autumn or the Tree People. Imagine longhaired, dovelike fellows and woman in couloured cloths, exotic visions and a peaceful rainbowfamily of the living light spirit. It's no wonder that the album where this track comes from is called "Holy Picnic". I highly recommend this band to anyone crossing the jukebox! you can listen to the whole album and/or pruchase it here:

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