Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012

[1967] The Elopers - Music To Smoke Bananas By

listen to the song:

Why bananas again?! I crossed this phrase several times now and it sounds weird every time again. Maybe this slogan arose from completely naive believes of parents in the 60's about psychedelia and their tripping youth. Well, "Banana, the mindexpanding fruit!". Bananas found their way into a psychedelic hippie movement on various ways. Sooner or later you will cross "The Electric Banana - Blows Your Mind" LP or a book called "Electrical Banana: Masters of Psychedelic Art"... you see, it's a topic to explore! About the song: It's an instrumental psych rock piece by this Colorado band, that only released that one single with the b-Side "Peak Beat". The drony bass-line is building the basement for the fuzzed guitar patterns. Great psychedelic sound indeed!

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miraclepieco hat gesagt…

I believe that the references to bananas in the psychedelic era originated from Donovan's song, "Mellow Yellow" and its lyric "electrical banana." This lead to a rumor among heads that banana peels could be smoked for a hallucinogenic effect. When interviewed, Donovan claimed that the phrase was more pornographic, ie dildo vibrators, than hallucinogenic.