Dienstag, 30. August 2011

[1967] The Superfine Dandelion - Ferris Wheel

listen to the song:

Other songs by The Superfine Dandelion at the Psychedelic Jukebox: [1967] The Other Sidewalk

This outfit was based in Phoenix, Arizona between 1966-68 and were earlier known as The Mile Ends. Their first 45 contains the fine garage-psychedelic of The Other Sidewalk, and the flip features sitars and has a mellow trippy feel, with the vocalist wishing that he'd never come down... After such an interesting start, they went on to chart regionally with their People In The Street 45, but their album had a strong country influence and is largely dispensable. Most of the band later went on to greater things - Black and McFadden joined Goose Creek Symphony and later worked for Linda Ronstadt. Anderson later joined Beans who evolved into The Tubes. (~by mza-garage.blogspot.com)


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what a great web experience you've created. i know you did it with love in the true spirit of psychedelia..
thanks for being here. lots to look at and listen to and learn about an era that will never repeat...