Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

[1970] Bow Street Runners - Electric Star

listen to the song:

The Bow Street Runners released one of my favourite psychedelic-albums! soft female vocals, and gentle melodies with fuzzy elwmwnts as well... just a fantastic song! Here is, what you can read on their official site:
"It was a magical time for music, the Bow Street Runners were in high school, following that Rock’n’Roll dream. The music was great — Doors, Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Beatles — George, Steve and I would practice in George’s garage and on Saturday and on Saturday nights play the YMCA, the Skating Rink and the Teen Club (remember those?). After we graduated we played night clubs from Jacksonville, Florida to Washington, D.C. for a few years, what we used to call the “Chitlin’ Circuit.” Eventually we got to play concert openers for Strawberry Alarm Clock, Big Brother and the Holding Co., Blood Rock, Chubby Checker, Percy Sledge and bunch more . . . As time went on the Rock’n’Roll dream faded, Steve and George went to college and I continued to play music full time, but now it was jazz.In 1981 I met keyboardist David Guy. We performed throughout North Carolina for the next 10 years doing anything we had to do to make money making music. When George and Steve moved back to Fayetteville in the early nineties, the Bow Street Runners had a reunion — this time in Steve’s garage. We discovered that the music was still there, we remembered all the old songs as if it were yesterday, only now they had more depth and power. Like fine wine, the Bow Street Runners had matured and the music along with them. We decided that we’d have to play some gigs (just for the fun of it). So we got together with David and started booking.The Bow Street Runners have been back together playing all the songs they grew up with (and some new ones) now for 6 years, with a friendship that spans 32 years. What is most amazing is that the music seems fresh and contemporary, we love our songs so much that every time we do it all seems new. As we’ve been performing these last few years we’ve come to realize that the music spans all generations and our audience includes people building new memories as well as those who are remembering the past — for us it’s both. "

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