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[1967] The Velvet Illusions - Acid Head

listen to the song:

The Velvet Illusions from Los Angeles released this song on one of their 1967 singles. The B-Side was "She Was The Only Girl". Sadly the band existed only two years (1966-68). Enjoy this Garage-Psych track!

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The Velvet Illusions Acid Head

For the first time on CD, Tune In are proud to announce the complete recorded
output of the legendary Velvet Illusions. Formed in 1966 in Yakima, Washington
State in America s Pacific North-West, their average age was just seventeen! The
band are renowned for their seminal anti-drug song Acid Head and the self
referential Velvet Illusions Theme. This CD includes ten sides of garage rock
taken from their five 45s released between 1966 and 1967 all made using
equipment made by Vox, who sponsored the band. The booklet includes the complete
inside story of the band, told for the first time in the extensive liner notes,
complete with many rare photographs of the band.

Acid Head / She Was The Only Girl / I'm Going Home To Los Angeles / Town Of
Fools / Velvet Illusions / Born To Be A Rolling Stone / Lazy / Stereo Song /
Mini Shimmy / Hippy Town