Montag, 26. Januar 2009

[1967] Los Mac's - Dear Friend Bob

listen to the song:

Los Mac's is one of the very rare psychedelic groups from the 60's in Chile. Some weeks ago I read an interview with the group where the band leader, I think, talkes about all that crappy studio equipment, they had for their first 2 albums, that mostly contained cover version. For their third album "Kaleidoscope Men" they had better conditions. At that time they started to record their own songs, wich sounds much better and had a really fine kind of psychedelic in it (the same for the last album). This Song is taken from Los Mac's "Kaleidoscope Men" (released 1967). It sounds a bit like those acid songs from the Beatles, as I compiled them on "Colored Psychedelic Smoke & LSD Glasses", with many psychedelic dubbing effects. Enjoy! greetings, amadeus :)

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